SIMON DAWSON – Drums & Percussion
Born: 7th February 197??
Hometown: Beccles, Suffolk
Current Bands: British Lion & The Dead Soul Communion
Previous Bands: Dvoid, Fifth Season, Dearly Beheaded, One Minute Silence, Air Race, The Outfield, Deep Switch, Devilment & Dirty Deeds.

2012: Steve Harris British Lion (EMI Records)
2012: Devilment – Demo One
200?: Dvoid
200?: Dvoid
2001: The Outfield – Live in Brazil
1998: The Outfield – It Ain’t Over
1997: Dearly Beheaded – Chamber of One (Music For Nations)
1996: Dearly Beheaded – Temptation (Music For Nations)
1992: The Outfield – Rockeye
1985: Deep Switch – 9 Inches of God

Played: Wacken Festival, Download Festival, Sabbaton Festival, Steele House Fest, Rambling Man Fair, HammerFest.

Endorsed by: Premier Drums

Once jammed with Toni Immoi from Black Sabbath, Has appeared and been interviewed on MTV.
Simon is Endorsed by Premier Drums.

Favourite Albums : coming soon

Favourite Bands: coming soon