After many years of playing in bands where his creativity was not used to its full potential Daniel Finch decided to start work on a project from the ground up.

As the name suggests, it was to be a group comprising of many members who each brought a different skill or vision to the table. Over time this group slowly decreased in number to the line up we have today.

All the members have been involved in music for many years, be it live or studio based. Their tastes cover a wide range of music styles and tastes and it is this that has brought together the ingredients that help create the groove focused sound with its overtones of epic grandeur.

Echoing the glory days of the independent record labels, all recording, mixing, mastering and visual aspects are done in house and handled by the band themselves. Although the budgets may be limited the possibilities are endless as there are no paymasters to please.

After a well received debut, the band have finished work on their second album which has continued and expanded upon the original blueprint, including a visually striking video for the song “A puppet without strings”.

Lyrically, the band deal with the darker themes of corruption, fear and conflict, which although often painful, are becoming more relevant by the day.


Daniel Finch – Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Music & Lyrics, Production.
Previous bands – 13 Candles, Pain Control, Devilment.

Edwin Mascorn – Lyrics, Vocals.
Previous bands – psychosisum

Paul Jensen – Guitar, Keyboards, Lyrics, Production, Arrangements
Previous bands – Twisted Autumn Darkness.

Kev Jackson – Bass guitar
Previous bands – Fifth Season, D-Void, currently with Synaptik.

Simon Dawson – Drums
Previous bands – Dearly Beheaded, currently with British Lion.


“For You” promo Video
“Suicide Lullaby” Video
“Eradicate to Communicate” Lyric Video
“A Puppet Without Strings” Video